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The Solo Piano Music Of David Alstead

Review of "I Heard The Bells" by Bill Binkelman at NewAgeReporter.com.
Dec, 2008
Link to review   - (Dave says: It's like Christmas twice in one year! Thank you, Bill!)

Review of "I Heard The Bells" by Kathy Parsons at MainlyPiano.com.
Dec, 2008
Link to review   - (Dave says: My holiday wishes have been granted with this review. Thank you, Kathy!)

Review of "Pieces of Piano" at Muse's Muse website.
Oct, 2006
Link to review   - (Dave says: I am always happy to get a positive review from another keyboardist. Thank you JJ!)

Review of "Pieces Of Piano" at KFAI FM
Mar, 2006
Link to review   - (Dave says: Thank you Bill! And the rest of you, catch Wind & Wire on KFAI FM!)

Review of "Pieces Of Piano" at Mainlypiano.com
Dec, 2005
Link to review   - (Dave says: My first "Pieces" review... and I couldn't be happier!)

Special reviews by 3 young boys who attended one of my concerts.
Jan, 2005
Link to review   - (Dave says: They certainly knew what they liked!)

Article about Dave in the Midway/Como Monitor
Jan, 2005
Link to large jpg file of article   - (Dave says: Thank you, Nancy!)

Review of "Piano For Both Ears" at Mainlypiano.com
Oct, 2004
Link to review   - (Dave says: Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Review from Gods Of Music of "Empty Well" from "Piano For Both Ears"
Sep, 2004
Link to review   - (Dave says: This is a fantastic review from someone who really seems to understand my music. I was completely overwhelmed when I read it. Thank you Bill Wright!)

Dave and "Piano For Both Ears" featured in Keyboard Magazine
Sep, 2004
After listening to a whopping 22 records in search of this month's "Unsigned Artist", the one that stood above all others was Piano For Both Ears, by David Alstead of St. Paul, Minnesota. The all-acoustic-piano work was written and performed by the artist. The style may be loosely described as early romantic, with voicings and fills of the kind made popular by Schubert and Chopin being put to good use. Alstead weaves jazz harmony into that structure, however, and there's enough variation from track to trac k to provide continuous interest. He also demonstrates both staccato and legato playing, avoiding the all-too-common foible of excessively riding the sustain pedal. Most importantly, the composition is fresh and pretty -- delivered on a well balanced recording, you have a winner. For more on Alstead, visit www.davidalstead.com. -- Carl Lumma, Keyboard Magazine
  - (Dave says: I appreciate it Carl, and thanks Keyboard! Everyone go buy a copy of the issue!)

Review of "Piano For Both Ears" at Splendidezine.com
Aug, 2004
Link to reprint   - (Dave says: Everyone needs a review that says some good things, but does not fawn all over you - this is the only one, though, ok? haha!)

Review of "Piano For Both Ears"
Feb, 2004
All the keywords a critic might use to describe good music come to mind but, to be original I would say: This CD should have come with a warning label. "CAUTION, May invoke strong emotion."
Todd Williams, Minnesota   -  (Dave says: Thanks Todd, I'm glad you enjoyed it!)